Increased Visibilty

Growth Program

What is Agoda Growth Program?

The Agoda Growth Program is our most comprehensive long-term marketing program that aims to maximize production and revenue through visibility growth within and beyond Agoda.

Direct Access


Meta Search

Affiliate Marketing

Customer Marketing


Preferred Partner Logo

Preferred partner logos inform customers that you are a trusted and verified partner of Agoda. With the logo, booking conversion rate increases by 10% on average.

Increased AD spending

Agoda enhances bidding on its paid channels (Meta Search Engines / Pay Per Clicks) to capture customers outside of

Boost in ranking

Your property is boosted in ranking for greater visibility and impressions on Agoda’s website and mobile app.

Greater affiliate exposure

Your property is prioritized for greater visibility on affiliate platforms, reaching broader market audiences beyond Agoda.

"HYPER" Gift Cards

Agoda invests further in AGP partners to drive conversion by incentivizing customers with bigger cashbacks upon checkout.

Increased EDM presence

Agoda preferentially targets/retargets customers via email and other communication channels.

Upfront payment (optional)

A prepayment option is available to improve your cashflow as we are confident in our partnership and growth potential.


Increase impressions

Maximize your exposure through all online channels

Increase bookings & revenue

Bring more page views, bookings and room nights

Increase inbound guests

Come with longer average length of stay, daily rate and lead time

Improve cashflow

Offer opportunities for you to make investments on your property

How to apply?

If you've already Signed In to Agoda, AGP can be easily activated via YCS under Marketing Solutions > Agoda Growth Program (AGP).

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